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Letter from CEO 2022

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A message from Jared Madsen

Jared Madsen

Greetings Bucket Bike Friends,

We are happy to share our holiday season with you. There is a lot to be grateful for this year.

Team MADSEN is small, but mighty. Jason, Magda, my wife Lisa, and our son Evan have worked hard this year to continue to build our amazing community. We work together to communicate with and ship quality products to customers like you. Thank you to all the hard-working individuals MADSEN outsources work to to keep us going - Valerie keeps our books straight, Jason H. helps us with all aspects of marketing, my dad "Grandpa Madsen" tinkers in the shop - and others who continue to mentor us and support our goals.

The past two years have been weaved with challenges and moments of uncertainty as we've experienced unusually high demand, then supply chain issues with quadrupled lead times, shipping delays, and finally inflation and a dive in sales. Thank you for weathering the storm with us. Despite the challenges, we introduced a few new accessories: a custom cup holder that attaches to the front rack, climbing rocks for the bucket, and the latest passion project - a custom wooden milk crate that fits snug onto the front rack to carry even more cargo.

Something for Every Adventurer

The MADSEN community enjoys fresh air, likes the alternative to driving a car, and loves to create lasting memories with their families. We offer 4 different models of our bike to fit varying budgets and needs.

Our 2 non-electric models continue to be popular. The gear ratios and amazing balance of the MADSEN will get you up almost any road. We think the basic bike should ship to customers “ready to ride”, and without the need to add ANY additional accessories (the e-kit and all other accessories can always be added later). Just load it up with kids/pets/cargo and you are off to adventure! We also offer a bundle of discounted popular accessories in the “loaded” bike version. The custom electric assist kit can be added to any model at any time.

The electric bucket bike models have gained in popularity since our e-bike introduction in 2018. The e-bike makes hills a breeze, and the MADSEN's killer 600lb weight capacity is not daunting with the addition of pedal assist. We offer the electric bucket bike, which has everything you need to get riding, plus the “loaded” e-bike version with those same discounted popular accessories.

This Year, Give The Gift Of Memories

We're proud to be part of your holiday shopping needs - gifts for current bucket bike owners, as well as bikes for new families.

Customer Support

Need a hand with your cart, finding your bike model, or picking the right color? Our team is here to help every step of the way!

Our Bikes Are Built To Last

From the very beginning of MADSEN Cycles in early 2008, my goal was to build a bike that would last. I want my bikes to be around far after my life ends. My name is on the bike, and that is something I don’t take lightly. A lot of thought, drawings, prototypes, scrutinizing hands-on tests and re-tests, are involved in my design process. I build everything first with my own hands. I have been gifted with clever hands and dyslexia (which I would never trade in for being able to spell!). I am passionate about my products, and aim to create them to last the test of time. 

I hope our bikes take you on epic adventures, and that the memories created with loved ones will help define your life's journey.

Always a Better Way

My motto is that there is always a better way. This is how I think about my products and how I perceive the world around me.

Thank you so much for your trust and your loyalty. We wouldn't be here without you. Happy holidays to you and yours.

With gratitude,

Jared Madsen, Master Mechanic & CEO of MADSEN Cycles


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     Family Owned                        Easy to Assemble               Holds up to 600 lbs
Based in Salt Lake City      Just unpack and install the     Perfect for kids, dogs,
                                                         front wheel                      groceries, and more
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September Newsletter


Hey MADSEN Friend,               

September 🍂

September might be our favorite month for bike rides. The weather is lovely in Salt Lake City, crisp fall is in the air and the kids are off to school. Biking to school is a cherished memory from when our kids were young. It's the best!


Molly enjoys biking her kids to school in Saratoga Springs, NY. 


  • E-kits and Soft Tops are back in stock 💥
  • Check out new instructional videos on our YouTube playlist. Let us know what else you would like to see; we love feedback
  • Next month is BIG!
    • If you have a child with special needs, we would love to highlight them during our Disability Awareness Celebration in October. Just reply to this email with a little info about your child and let's raise awareness together ♥️ . 
    • Halloween will be here soon🕷! Start planning your bike decor and enter our annual contest. See inspiration here🎃
  • MADSEN now offers payment by monthly installments that splits your order into payments for easier budgeting. 


Superstar MADSEN owners Patty Lin in Brooklyn, and Heather Moore-Farley in Oakland, were featured in the July/August edition of Good Housekeeping's Life section: "Meet the Families Saying No To Cars"



    •  Carley Yegsigian, Mission Viego CA: "Even if you're moving slow, any little movement is good! You don't have to ride 5/10 miles for it to count - a 1 mile ride to the store could be exactly what everyone needs today. All things are possible with a little motivation and a bucket bike."
    • Erin Springsteen, Bay Head NJ: "When in doubt fresh air usually does the trick, happy to have the madsen make it possible for my family to enjoy the outdoors even more."
    • Joyce Bacci, Sacramento CA: "I love my bike and hope everyone gets outside more!"
    • Stephanie Bird Bott, Springville UT: "Every mile ridden on a bike is one less in a car saving you gas, wear and tear on your car, and the environment... nevermind the health benefits." 
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    Connect with fellow MADSEN community members across the globe to ask questions, and to share tips & tricks, bucket bike hacks, and fun ideas. Thank you for joining the conversation! We love our community.
    Jared's Tip of the Month
    Jared Madsen gives a few tips on squeaky brakes and brake maintenance.

    Happy September and sending good vibes from the MADSEN Magic Shop, 

    The Madsen's

    MADSEN Cycles | 800-206-0941

    Meet Alex, Jon, David + Simon

    Meet Alex, Jon, David + Simon
    “The Clark family loves their Madsen so much they made their Instagram handle @bucketofbulgarians because each boy loves to go zipping around the neighborhood during all four seasons of the year waving to each and everyone they pass by! Not only will you see them smiling because the are in the candy apple red edition bike you will hear them giggling each time dad or mom rings the little bell! 🔔” @bucketofbulgarians ❤️❤️❤️❤️ , Jeremy Clark #rockstaradoptiondad