September Newsletter

September Newsletter

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Hey MADSEN Friend,               

September 🍂

September might be our favorite month for bike rides. The weather is lovely in Salt Lake City, crisp fall is in the air and the kids are off to school. Biking to school is a cherished memory from when our kids were young. It's the best!


Molly enjoys biking her kids to school in Saratoga Springs, NY. 


  • E-kits and Soft Tops are back in stock 💥
  • Check out new instructional videos on our YouTube playlist. Let us know what else you would like to see; we love feedback
  • Next month is BIG!
    • If you have a child with special needs, we would love to highlight them during our Disability Awareness Celebration in October. Just reply to this email with a little info about your child and let's raise awareness together ♥️ . 
    • Halloween will be here soon🕷! Start planning your bike decor and enter our annual contest. See inspiration here🎃
  • MADSEN now offers payment by monthly installments that splits your order into payments for easier budgeting. 


Superstar MADSEN owners Patty Lin in Brooklyn, and Heather Moore-Farley in Oakland, were featured in the July/August edition of Good Housekeeping's Life section: "Meet the Families Saying No To Cars"



    •  Carley Yegsigian, Mission Viego CA: "Even if you're moving slow, any little movement is good! You don't have to ride 5/10 miles for it to count - a 1 mile ride to the store could be exactly what everyone needs today. All things are possible with a little motivation and a bucket bike."
    • Erin Springsteen, Bay Head NJ: "When in doubt fresh air usually does the trick, happy to have the madsen make it possible for my family to enjoy the outdoors even more."
    • Joyce Bacci, Sacramento CA: "I love my bike and hope everyone gets outside more!"
    • Stephanie Bird Bott, Springville UT: "Every mile ridden on a bike is one less in a car saving you gas, wear and tear on your car, and the environment... nevermind the health benefits." 
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    Jared's Tip of the Month
    Jared Madsen gives a few tips on squeaky brakes and brake maintenance.

    Happy September and sending good vibes from the MADSEN Magic Shop, 

    The Madsen's

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