Hi, We Are the Madsen's... Jared, Lisa, Evan, Cooper, Meg and (our dogs) Opal and Jade.


It started with a passion for bicycles, a knack for creation and design, and a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. MADSEN Cycles was created with the idea that a bicycle can do more.

At age 15, Jared began working in a bike shop, fueled by a childhood passion for bicycles. Despite struggles with dyslexia, his talent for mechanics and art allowed him to excel in creating various mechanical objects, from bicycles to motorcycles, marking his long standing journey in the mechanical design industry.


Jared's father trekked to America from Denmark at the age of 17. The Danish roots of Grandpa's family run deep in our family's veins. Our holiday traditions, family ties, values and love for bicycles are all impacted greatly by our Danish heritage. We have recently reconnected with the lovely Madsen family in Aalborg, Denmark, who still own the family farm that Grandpa worked on as a child. 


After a trip to the Netherlands in 2007, Jared and Lisa had the vision of making cycling more accessible to families.  Inspired by Europe's impressive cargo bikes, Jared aimed to design one better suited for the U.S. market, drawing on his experiences in the Netherlands and his family's Danish roots.


Starting in our garage in 2008, he crafted various prototypes, culminating in the "bucket bike", a unique rear cargo bike that was easier to ride and more hill-friendly than existing designs. Our bikes can fit 4 kids, pets, and all their gear inside the 600lbs rated bucket.


In 2008, when our kids were just little, we officially launched our small business -- a brave and unpredictable venture not without blood, sweat and tears... It has been an incredibly rewarding journey to get to where we are today, with thousands of families making memories on MADSENs across the U.S.


Jared's attention to detail and demand for perfection in design, plus his attitude that there is ALWAYS a better way -- along with Lisa's natural love of the customers and desire to create a delightful experience for each one -- have created  the essence of what MADSEN Cycles has become today. The tight community of awesome MADSEN cargo bike owners around the world has become a highlight in our lives and work. Lucky us!


Our mission is to make incredible stuff for awesome people, and get more families outside making memories on Bucket Bikes!

Don't hesitate to reach out...we love our customers!

Madsen Family + Team

Jared . Lisa . Evan . Cooper . Meg

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