Are you ready for the MADSEN Challenges?

Earn custom badges for your bike as you check off these fun bucket bike adventures!

Start your MADSEN Challenge Badge Collection! Send video and/or photo proof of your challenge completion to or @madsencycles Instagram DM. We love seeing you and your crew in action, so just any simple footage showing us that you are doing the challenge will work! In exchange we will send you the custom MADSEN Challenge Badges for completion. These look amazing attached to the MADSEN Maelkekasse (Milk) Crate!
If you are just starting, no worries! Work back and earn all the badges. And stay tuned for new challenges to come...


ON THE MADSEN MAP: Easiest badge to earn - a good one to start with! If you own a bucket bike, new or used, sign up to be on the MADSEN Map here! Once signed up, you will receive the official "On the Map" badge! It is SO fun to see where all of you cool 😎 MADSEN owners are located. On the Map, you can see and connect with MADSEN neighbors near you, and also help bring more bucket bike families to your area! Check out the live MADSEN Map at the bottom of this page.


October 2023 - COSTUME BADGE 🎃👻: At MADSEN, Halloween bike decorating is a cherished tradition! This month, earn a COSTUME Badge by sharing images and videos of your bike decked out in its Halloween best! We welcome photos, videos, and even collaboration requests for reels—whatever you've got! DM, tag, text, or email your entries. We're so excited for this year's spooktacular costumes! Top 3 costumes will be chosen, but everyone earns a badge. Inspiration can be found on Instagram highlights "HALLOWEEN" and "HALLOWEEN 2"


 September 2023 - FULL BUCKET // "LOADED" BADGE: How full can you load your bucket? We've seen some REALLY full buckets over the years! Utilize the load capacity to its fullest potential😳! Load it with kids, adults and/or any crazy unique cargo. Wow us! Capture a photo or video and earn yourself a badge!! See lots of AMAZING cargo load examples on the Instagram highlight "🤯 CARGO LOADS" and "FULL BUCKET". Can't wait for this.

 MADSEN 1000 Mile Club: We know MANY of you have completed this challenge already! Please let us know if you already have hit 1000 miles on your bucket bike. If you can send us a pic to prove it, even better. (For non-electric bikes, we trust your estimate.) We have a #madsen1000mileclub badge on its way  🥳. Jared's goal has always been to design bikes that will last, and you are all proving that he did. THANK YOU! Keep riding!! 

Thousand Badge
July 2023 - PARADE BADGE: Decorate your bike for any party or parade. This can be for the Fourth of July or another event during the year!
July 4th Parade Bike-Decorating Contest: If you've been around MADSEN for a while, you know that our community has so much fun decorating for the Fourth of July. We host a contest on Instagram and YOU vote to choose the best-dressed bikes! Don't miss it - it is such a blast. And start planning your bike decor now. Find inspiration here.
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June 2023 - TEST-RIDE BADGE: SHARE your MADSEN love with friends, family and neighbors. Give 3 (or more!) test rides any time during the year to earn your TEST-RIDE badge.

Test Ride Badge


May 2023 - COMMUTER BADGE: Earn a COMMUTER badge by riding your bike to school and/or work 7 times to earn this badge. Since many of us work from home and don't have to commute kids to school - you can also choose any regular errand and consider it a "commute". Do it 7 times and then let us know!

Commuter Badge


March 2023 - BIKE EVERY DAY BADGE: #madsenmarchchallenge, some of you joined Lisa in March and got out on your bike EVERY DAY, no matter the weather. Choose a month and bike every day to earn this badge. Then let us know!



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