MADSEN Mælkekasse Crate


$100.00 saving $20.00

MADSEN Mælkekasse Crate

$80.00 $100.00 saving $20.00


You've asked for it for years, and it is finally here! Our custom Mælkekasse. Hand-crafted by Jared Madsen, along with his dad and son, Even and Evan. Inspired by Jared's dad and uncle's (Even and Dan's) Danish delivery bicycles in the 1940's. As young boys, before and during the WW2 German occupation of Denmark, they both delivered groceries and supplies between Aalborg and surrounding towns. The two boys' grandfather owned and ran a dairy farm - called ENKILDEGAARD. The Mælkekasse (milk cream crate) was inspired after finding some of the old dairy canisters, and custom tooled to fit your front rack perfectly. The end result is beautiful! 

Finally, an option to carry even more cargo on your bucket bike. Easily removable. Use as a grocery crate, apple box, mail carrier - and easily attach it securely to the front rack for transport home. The uses are limitless.