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Just in time for the holidays - TRUE NAVY

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2017 MADSEN Bikes

Our bikes ship directly to your door - assembled, tuned up, test-ridden and carefully packaged!

Join the Movement

It is time for you to join the growing community of enthusiastic MADSEN cargo bike riders all over the world ... getting outside and making memories.

Room for the whole family

Choose from one of our 6 sweet bucket bike colors. Bike and bucket colors can be mixed and matched to create a custom look that meets your style.

Must have accessories

Complete the look and utility of your ride with these carefully designed accessories that we love. Or purchase your bike FULLY LOADED to have it all. Also, check out the NEW Middle Seat Accessory.

Our Customers Love our Bikes

"It's the happiest bike ever. Makes everyone smile and I kind of feel like I'm in a celebrity entourage..."

"This bike has meant incredible FREEDOM for me and I seriously can't explain how happy this bike has made me...  Everyday I'm now able to take my 5 kids out for rides and we play at parks and I owe it all to the genius that is Red Madsen, the creator of the Madsen Bike."

"we have been trying to find a better way for us to take Jackson to school... he is a while away from riding his own bike. when we found this amazing bucket bike I knew it was the perfect solution for our family to take the kids to school. thank you madsen cycles for creating a way for my Jackson to arrive at school with dignity & style :) #downsyndrome"

"I lost 3 hours of sleep last night coming up with [bike-decorating] ideas for the upcoming holidays. If you think last Halloween was pretty good, just wait for the 4th of July, and this Halloween. I'm feeling a little out of control with my ideas. To say we love the Madsen bike is an understatement..."

"Pretty day + a special someone to share my bike with = Grammy Adventure ... I hope [other grandmas] get as much joy as I have gotten in the short time I have owned my bike. I have 6 grandchildren and if isn't stormy or snowy we are out and about on my bike. #grammyadventure #grandmasmadsenbike"

"I drove home that day with this big black beauty strapped in the back of the pick-up, and immediately unpacked it and loaded up all the kiddies for our first bike ride altogether. It felt wonderful. I was a new widow, trying to keep a handle on my overwhelming grief by pouring everything I had into my five small children, and here I was carting them down our street with their tiny helmets on and their giggles in my ears..." read more..

As Seen In:

Ready For Anything

The MADSEN Bucket Bike is Thoughtfully Designed to Take You and Your Family / Pets / Cargo Anywhere You Want To Go

Black Loaded (cut our .PNG)
  • Built to Tilt

    Our patented heavy-duty kickstand™ is designed to load and unload your cargo with safety and ease.

  • Secure Seating

    Inside the bucket are 2 removable bench seats with 4 lap belts to keep your little ones safe.

  • Attention to Detail

    Includes integrated front wheel lock and custom MADSEN wrench / bottle opener. Details in form and function are unrivaled.

  • Workhorse Bicycle

    Tested to carry 271kg (approx. 600lb) of weight, the MADSEN is not just beautiful, but notably rugged and tough.