Meet Mary

Meet Mary

“Mary is 6 years old and in first grade. She had a stroke sometime around her birth. It causes her to have left sided weakness. 1 in 4,000 babies have a stroke at birth. Additionally, 2,000 children between birth and 18 years old have a stroke each year. Her stroke was large, but has only affected her mobility and cognition very slightly. She can run, and goes to school with regular kids...

I went from afraid for Mary’s future to realizing she can do ANYTHING she wants to do. It just might look a little different. But, being different is COOL!
Usually when a child has a stroke, they are diagnosed with #cerebralpalsy. Which just means that damage to the brain causes issues with mobility. The severity of this varies. Having cerebral palsy makes mobility more difficult. Walking and running for Mary is four times harder than a regular kid. She gets tired more easily. The #madsenbike has been a lifesaver. She is still part of the group and can cheer and wave to everyone she sees while on bike rides. She was getting sick of being “stuck” in the burley bike trailer.

She can bring her bike or scooter in the Madsen and get out when we get to the park and ride around with the other kids. She happily hops back in the Madsen when it’s time to go. I’ve wanted one for four years and am so happy I finally was able to get one. My only regret is not getting one sooner!

My husband and I started a weekly community bike ride called Tri-City Cruiser Ride (@tricitycruiserride). We love encouraging people to get out there and ride! If any kids get tired I can just pop them in the Madsen and keep going. It’s much easier for me to ride than a bike with a trailer. Even at the max weight limit. I think it’s because it’s all in one piece on the frame. I was so happily surprised. We didn’t get electric and I can get up the hills easier than my old set up where I would frequently have to get off and walk. Everywhere we go people want to talk about the bike. I hope to start a #Madsenbikergang next year ❤️
Thanks Madsen from the bottom of my heart.” @tricitycruiserride @ashleeandcompany #rockstarmom

“P.S. Mary says thanks for making me a star ⭐️ “


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