The Link Contest Bike Giveaway Contest is Back!

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Hi Friends,

So here's the deal - you guys are awesome about helping us get the word out about MADSEN, and your enthusiasm around the new 2011 model has been very encouraging and exciting, and we love you for it.

And amidst the excitement many of you have asked us to bring the link contest back. For long-time MADSEN followers, you recall the crazy contests we held last year. The involvement of our friends and fans in helping us get the word out through that was amazing and we gave away several bikes to show our appreciation. 

I checked in with some of our previous winners, and here are the words of one them, Bernadette who won a year ago. 

I won my MADSEN Bike last year in the amazing Bike giveaway. I've always been an urban biker but admittedly, having four kids and all the accompanying accoutrement meant we were hopping in the van way more often than hopping on the bikes. This cargo bike has COMPLETELY transformed how we live our lives. 

If we are going out for a day or a few hours, it is never a problem to haul all our food, bags, library books, groceries, etc in the cargo bike. And, I think my favorite times are when I have my 3 big kids on their own bikes, the toddler in the bucket (that's what we call it!) and his little two wheeler right there in the bucket with him. When we arrive at our destination, he too can have his bike to ride without worrying about riding the city streets. 

And, as an avid second-hand junk seeker, being on a bike no longer inhibits my collecting abilities! As I can just toss any good finds right in the back of the bucket. 

I love my MADSEN. Or, the bucket bike as we fondly call it. And I love the reactions it gets as we ride it down the street, with my small prince waving happily from the rear.

Austin, TX

So we're going to do it again. Only this time - with the new 2011 model. One lucky winner will be announced on November 17th. Between now and then, to enter the contest all you have to do is help us spread the word by linking to us from your site. All the details, and images to help you can be found on our link contest page.

When running these contests, our only regret is that we can't give a bike to every crazy passionate one of you. You all have our deepest gratitude.

Good luck!

The MADSEN crew.

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