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MADSEN Cargo Bikes

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MADSEN Cycles 2011 Model Link Contest Bike Giveaway

Yes, you read that right. We'll be giving away a bike to one lucky winner who helps us spread the word about the new MADSEN, and anyone with a web presence (blog, Twitter, website, etc.) can win!

How do I win?

You simply link to (using the options on the right or below). Then on November 17, 2010, we'll announce a winner from those who have linked and sent traffic to us during that time.

What if I already bought a MADSEN, or buy one before the contest is over?

Then you're in double luck! If you already own a MADSEN, we'll refund the price you paid for your MADSEN, and we'll send you the MADSEN accessory of your choice for free.

How will you determine the winner?

One winner will be selected at random and announced on November 17th, 2010 from the group of all of the sites who have linked to MADSEN Cycles during the preceding week. Each link will have an equal chance of winning regardless of traffic sent. (i.e. each link is only counted once).

I don't get very much traffic on my site, can I still win?

Yes! We're selecting the winner from the group of all sites who link to us without respect to how much traffic they send. Everyone is on equal footing.

Well I've got a huge site and I can crush you with traffic, what do I get?

Mainly, our gratitude for the crushing. But we also have a little surprise in store for the site who sends us the most traffic.

So you are saying I can win if I link to you from my blog?

Yes! Anyone with their own web presence can win. This means blogs, websites, Twitter tweets, whatehaveyou.

How will I know if you have recorded my link to you?

Set up your link, and click on it at least once yourself and you'll be in. It's really that simple.

Well wait a minute here, I put a link up to you the last time you ran this crazy contest, am I out of luck?

Nope, just drop one of these new banners (or the text link) in place and you're in the running.

Who is eligible to win?

Anyone in the United States who is 18 years or older.


One small bit of fine print on that: We'll contact you on the day you win to determine your eligibility. We must receive a response within 24 hours of that contact, or we will select a different winner and you will no longer be eligible to win. We'll look for a way to contact you from the site that linked to us. If we're unable to find a way to contact you, we'll select another winner.

Just select from the plethora options at right or below. Copy the full code below each image and paste into your own site to display the image which will be linked back to our site.

But my blog won't let me paste HTML code.

No problem, just save one of these images, upload it yourself and create your own link.

Link to us using one of these:







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