Stephanie Nielson and some MADSEN fun

Hey gang, remember Stephanie Nielson? She's been a MADSEN supporter from early on and won one of our link contests last year. Since then, we've been a NieNie supporter too. Her inspiring spirit has lifted us all.

Because of close geographic proximity (she lives in a neighboring town) we've had a chance to get to know Stephanie personally. Stephanie and her family use their MADSEN all the time and when the new 2011 model came out, Jared Madsen drove one down to swap out their older model for the new one. Just a thank-you for supporting us. Her site gets a lot of traffic, and she's been kind enough to help us spread the word to her readers. Well in her 2011-model-induced excitement she's put together a little bike rally for fellow MADSEN owners local to Utah. She also asked for a couple bikes to give away, and we hooked her up. You can see her post for the details on how to win one.

Finally - we'll have Stephanie's old bike, and a few other demo models (plus some new 2011 ones of course) available for loaning or sale down at the rally for anyone interested. 

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