MADSEN Magic Shop - It's a Photo Shoot Week!

MADSEN Magic Shop - It's a Photo Shoot Week!

We are STOKED to get new images of the new 2019 bikes on the website. They are pretty awesome. We are especially looking forward to getting all the E-MADSEN's on the site!! The Electric Madsen Bikes are Saweeeeeet! (If you are local and want to come try one out, just give us a shout and you can stop in.) And, all you current MADSEN owners out there (well over 2000 now!), the Custom MADSEN Electric Assist Kit can be installed on your bike too. Check out the kit here.

Our shop is currently converted to a photo studio - Jared and Lucas have spent a lot of time getting the set-up just right. It is a ton of work, but I think they are loving the diversion from the normal they become experts on product photography.

No wonder the Vintage Blue Fully Loaded is the best-seller! It's such a beauty!

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