MADSEN Electric Assist Kit


MADSEN Electric Assist Kit



Ships FREE in continental U.S.

**FITS MADSEN BIKE MODELS 2011 - CURRENT (can fit older 2009/2010 models with modifications)

(ORDER YOUR NEW E-MADSEN, with kit installed for you, on bicycle product pages)

Add some serious power to your existing MADSEN bike. With the same quality and detail you have come to expect of MADSEN, our custom MADSEN 750 watt mid drive electric assist kit is a no-brainer when you're ready. Our kit is designed exclusively for a MADSEN bucket bike, with custom wiring, programming and mounting bracket. By adding the MADSEN kit, you don’t just get a motor that works, but an entire kit that is specifically tested and made for a MADSEN, utilizing the mounts that already exist on the bike. Using this kit (as opposed to an off-market one) will also keep the warranty on your bike intact. You will love its sleek look and custom fit. 

With the e-assist, you can add power when you want it. This add-on has exceeded our expectations and has been a game-changer for many. Get ready to use your bike even more, with heavier cargo and for longer, more hilly trips. It's incredible!


    • 750 Watt Bafang Mid Drive Motor
    • 80 Nm of Torque
    • Pedal Assist System with 9 Power Levels
    • Gear Sensor for Smooth Shifting
    • 48.1V 12.8Ah/558 Watt Battery with Charger
    • Custom MADSEN Mounting Bracket with Integrated Junction and Lockable Battery Mount
    • LCD Display
    • Custom Sleek Look
    • Installation Available at our local Utah Shop

**Electric Assist Installation Step-by-Step Video Instructions 

**Electric Assist Installation Step-by-Step Written Instructions

**Currently unable to ship to Hawaii & Alaska

Family Adventures Made Eco-Friendly with Electric Cargo Bikes

An adventure awaits your family with a MADSEN electric cargo bike. Sporting a colorful and beautiful design, your kids will have so much fun riding in the spacious bucket and creating memories outdoors. Plus, you’ll be doing your part in caring for the environment by leaving the car at home.

Electric Cargo Bikes

What makes e-cargo bikes awesome is that they make pedaling easier. With pedal assist, the power kicks in to give you a boost when you pedal. You’ll be flying up those hills in style with the kids, dog and groceries in tow.

You also control your power level and speed, so that you can ride at your comfort level and with as much assist as you want (or don’t want).

Savoring the Outdoors

Did you know that studies show that green spaces improve one’s mood and refresh the mind? Your electric bike is your ticket to a great time outdoors. It’s also a perfect way to give kids a break from their countless screens, and instead be outdoors making memories and being active.

Spend Time with Your Family

Take your children outside and create lasting memories together. By nature, kids love spaces where they can roam and play. Pack sandwiches and drinks and head to the park. The kids will love riding in the bucket and feeling the wind in their faces. And you will love the conversations you can share with them while riding.

An electric cargo bike is not just for family adventures…you can also get ALL the errands done! The bucket will carry your groceries, dry cleaning, library books – you name it, without the hassle of traffic and refueling your car. You can take your kids to soccer practice, ballet classes, and art museums. You can even bring your pet along for the ride. The MADSEN cargo bike has a weight capacity of 600 pounds…and that’s a lot of cargo! The e-assist will help you carry it all.

Caring for the Environment

By riding an e-bike with your family, you are doing your part for the environment. You minimize your carbon footprint and take advantage of better energy sources. What a great example to show kids one way to be eco-responsible.

Take your family on fun and eco-friendly adventures today! Contact MADSEN for inquiries about our bikes.