Meet MADSEN Community Grandma - Linda Colby, West Des Moines IA

Meet MADSEN Community Grandma - Linda Colby, West Des Moines IA

"OK ALL YOU GRANDMA’S out there... would you like to have some MAJOR FUN and MEMORY MAKING MOMENTS with your grandchildren?!  The kind that creates unguarded moments where they truly reveal their Little Selves to you?!  We All do... RIGHT!!!

I want to tell you; this Grandma thinks our Madsen Bike is providing a plethora of those moments for both me and our Grands!  I have pedaled them all over our town; to lunch, the grocery store, breakfast, school, rides for fun, birthday parades, around Clear Lake (yes all 15+ miles of it) up and down all kinds of hills, along winding roads and even on grass!  IT’S A BLAST!  Sitting in the bucket, the Grandchildren giggle, ask questions, talk talk talk to me and each other!  They NEVER want the ride to end and they ALWAYS want me to go faster!  THEY LOVE IT!!!  I mean: THEY REALLY DO!!!  It is the very best purchase we have ever, ever made! Our Madsen usually goes wherever we go because it is easy to haul.  Our whole family uses our bike, even our 18 year old grandson will hop on it!  So much so; we are upgrading to an E Madsen!
As I get older and the seven younger grandkids get older; I want to still be able to take them on rides.  I want the E assist for myself too.... I can bike more and drive less.  I am especially looking forward to pedaling to our downtown Farmer’s Market.  The Madsen is also a great conversation starter.  People are always interested in such a unique bike.  The bucket is the perfect place to throw everyone’s “extra” stuff when we go biking as a family.  The pure joy of the wind in my face and the satisfaction of conquering any hill in my path gives a wonderful sense of freedom! You may think an E assist will take away from the workout! Nope! It doesn’t, because you control the assistance.  But, it will encourage riding longer and more often... it’s almost like having a little Coach onboard, urging you to keep going... YOU can do it!  I love that!  “Oh the Places You will go and the Things You will See” on your Madsen Bike!
Life happens in the Madsen!  When the kiddos are sitting side by side, facing each other in the bucket... they relax, talk freely, use their imaginations and build deeper relationships with each other! Siblings and Cousins having a great time together! So LADIES! Consider joining us Grandma’s who already have Madsen Bikes....  Grandma’s who have them post your photos to a new hashtag #MadsenGrandmaBrigade.  It can become our “Grandma Ideas” center!  
Now... Hint! Hint! ... Grandpa’s, Sons and Daughters of Grandmas... what a perfect gift a MADSEN BIKE would be!!!  (Mine was my 60th birthday gift). 
After riding my bike for four years, I’m still not sure how I was lucky enough to find Madsen Bikes on the web.  I followed them for a good long year and a half on Instagram hoping there would be a time I could buy one.  My husband and I were going to make a road trip out west, providing the perfect time to stop by the Madsen shop for a test drive.  My husband was a little skeptical how it would ride.😉. Let me tell you... LIKE A DREAM!!!  We ordered it that day!  It is worth every single penny!  This bike isn’t just for the younger generation of Mom’s and Dad’s... it truly is for everyone!  And, truth be told, to please my Hubby, I did look at other brands of E Cargo Bikes before purchasing our second bike... I tested some... I read about different assists, watts, touque, different levels, where the assist was located and so on.  I compared them, and learned there just isn’t another bike out there like the Madsen!  It is a top notch bike, made by a company all about quality! My husband agreed with me 100%!  I was so EXCITED to place my order, I could hardly contain myself!  
Fellow Grandmas, I rarely so openingly express my opinions... but I am passionate about this bike and what it brings to us as Grandmas and to our Grandkids!  Be the coolest Grandma on the block and #jointheMadsenmovement😍
Ps... I also want you to know... I was compelled to write this yesterday morning when I woke up.  It comes straight from my heart and Madsen doesn’t even know about it.  😉. So @MadsenCycles I surely hope you don’t mind me sharing my thoughts and opinions🤔"

- Linda Colby, West Des Moines IA


Oct 24, 2022 • Posted by rebonkulous!

this post made me cry—it was so sweet!! I just ordered a bike for my family, don’t have a ton of cash and am a bit scared, as my car cost as much as this bike, but feel no remorse after reading this. thanks for sharing and being so awesome.

Oct 24, 2022 • Posted by Lori Elmitt

What a great idea for Grandma’s! Great, lasting memories!❤️

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