MADSEN Cycles Accessories - Free Shipping

A MADSEN bicycle isn’t just any other cargo bike — it is a beautifully designed bucket bike that can carry up to four kids plus load. Unlike other designs with a bucket on the front, our bike has its bucket on top of its 20-inch rear wheel. This way, you can ride with confidence knowing your load is balanced and secure. Plus, with a few accessories, you can make the ride even more comfortable for you and your kids.

Load up the Kids and Go for a Fun Ride

The large and tough bucket on the back of a MADSEN bike comes with two removable bench seats and four seat belts. The bucket can hold just about everything — from lively children to bags of groceries, pets, picnic baskets, and more. So load up the kids, strap them inside the bucket, toss in the food and blankets, get on the bike, and head to the park for a day full of fun.

Make the Trip More Comfortable with MADSEN Accessories

Let’s make your MADSEN ride with your kids even more comfortable with our range of accessories. We have stylish, custom-made rain covers for the bucket, so you and your kids can go on a ride no matter the weather. We also offer tough, frame-mounted front racks. Not only do these front racks give you one more place to carry your cargo, but they also make your MADSEN look more stylish.

Another hit is our middle bucket seat accessory. Simply place it between two bench seats, and your bucket will have a flat, padded surface. This is excellent for transporting your pet, changing your kid’s diaper, and even filling the bucket with drinks for a party.

Ready to upgrade your MADSEN ride? Check out our available accessories below.