Video Reviews



Send us your video review for a custom VIP MADSEN gift!

-About a minute to a minute and a half in length. Send full res version to to be used on all platforms! (If it's too large to email, Dropbox or Google Drive are great!)
-Ideally talk into the camera about the features of the bike you like and why you chose MADSEN
-Answer common questions like - is it easier to ride than you thought? can you really carry 3-4 kids? is it hard to balance? what about short riders? what else do you use your bike for? etc
-A mixture of talking and riding the bike would be amazing
-Vertical portrait style format is ideal for how we are using these videos
-We’d love to hear about your experience with the bike, along with seeing the bike and the faces and smiles of everyone in the video as much as we can!
-Please include helmets, if possible 😊 

Our​ goal is to share your experience with others who may be on the fence considering purchasing a Madsen​,​ and who could benefit from real life feedback. MADSEN community members always say it best! Questions? Email, text or call us! Thank you!! 

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