We MADE it to JULY!

We MADE it to JULY!

We made it to July. Phew. Somehow that feels like an accomplishment in and of itself.

I sit here, quite honestly, with a ball of anxiety in my stomach. The COVID-19 numbers in our state and country are rising rapidly, and school options in the fall are looking bleak. On my Instagram feed I read a post that says "Dear Me, I know you're scared, but you can handle this. Love, Me."

Yes, we can handle this! We will one day look back on this time and find meaning. We will appreciate certain things, different for each one of us, like never before. Hold on and hang in there. Keep your loved ones close.


  • Bikes and Accessories Finally Arrived

What a relief when our bikes made it to our shop, safe and sound. 

We are THRILLED to have ALL 6 COLORS back in stock. And, they are all GORGEOUS. Order now, to jump in line for shipping. Our small shop is working overtime to get all of your back-ordered and newly ordered bikes shipped. We appreciate your patience, and are so excited to see you all in action. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have a question about your order or its ETA. We are always happy to keep you informed. 

Back-ordered accessories have mostly been shipped. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

  • Back-ordered E-MADSEN and MADSEN Electric Assist Kit Update

ETA for back-ordered Electric MADSENs and Electric Assist Kits is August 7th. Thank you for your continued patience! These will be assembled and shipped in order of purchase date. We will also reach out to local e-kit orders to schedule installation appointments. Feel free to check in as well.


  • 4th of July MADSEN Bucket Bikes - 1st Place 🥇

The Bosacki family (2 MADSEN family), in Glen Ellyn Illinois

It was definitely a strange year for our much-anticipated #july4thmadsen contest. Certainly, most parades across the nation were canceled. However, we still received fun and creative entries of #creativemadsenowners bucket bike decor! Thank you to those who participated. For those who did not, start planning for this Halloween, and Fourth of July 2021! Check out all 2020 entries on the BLOG.

Join fellow MADSEN community members across the globe to share tips and tricks, bucket bike hacks, and fun ideas. All kinds of discussions are happening - from how to paint your bucket, transport your bike, strap scooters to your bucket, ride in national parks, etc!

  • We Love Our Growing Community of AWESOME People


San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR


Did you know you can put your e-MADSEN in "walk mode"? YES! It's true. You have a load of kids, and need to walk your bike across a street? Just hold down the minus ("-") button and your bucket bike will walk with you at just over 3 miles/hour. It's a lifesaver, too, when you are trudging your bike across the sand at the beach!

Mask up, stay healthy, spread joy, and keep riding (those endorphins really do help!). Thank you so much for supporting our small business.

Sending good vibes,

Madsen Family

P.S. A peek at what Jared does in his limited spare time... like designing his own custom face mask to meet his precise comfort needs. #alwaysabetterway


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