Narberth MADSEN Community

Narberth MADSEN Community

MADSEN Community Rocks:

Meet the rockstar Narberth MADSEN Community, located in Pembrokeshire, southwest Wales, in Pennsylvania.

Kimberley Bezak, the first of the group to own a MADSEN, is significantly instrumental in her small Pennsylvania cycling community. She arranges events such as "Bike to Groceries", where cargo-bikers pedal to the local Trader Joe's to pick up their weekly staples. She also speaks out to advocate the benefits of cycling and increase local awareness.

Sarah, one of Kim's converts to MADSEN, sent us the following message:

"This area is seriously becoming Madsen obsessed!! Kim brought the Madsen to Narberth several years back/before I moved here. The first time I saw her bike I thought it was the coolest mode of transportation ever!! Kim bikes all over and really promotes your brand and the e assist. She is super friendly and always finds time to answer everyone's questions. I am so grateful for her and for your bikes. Thank you both!!❤

Kim, pictured above center, at the Philly Bike Expo writes,

"Bicycle advocacy is certainly keeping me pretty busy lately! ...I participated at the Philly Bike Expo on a panel for E-biking. It was my first opportunity to speak in this type of setting about my experiences with pedal-assisted cargo bicycling as transportation. The audience was incredibly engaged in the discussion and as a follow-up, I have been invited to participate as a panelist at ... (the) Climate Change Expo.

"I am very passionate about e-cargo biking as a sustainable transportation alternative. Folks in our region are increasingly interested to learn more about alternatives to driving cars, and people stop me all the time to ask questions about our bike setup. ...The decision to purchase our Madsen nearly 5 yrs ago (and subsequently to add pedal-assist) has been truly transformative, and as Sarah has observed, I can't say enough about it! We are certainly seeing the Madsen movement catch on within Narberth Cycling Club ;)".

Check out the Narberth Cycling Club's Facebook page to learn more about it, or for ideas about starting a community in your own town.

MADSEN treated the community of bucket bike riders in Narberth to coffee at Starbucks, to thank them for being so awesome. They sent us the happy photo below (thank you!).

It's so exciting to watch the MADSEN community grow. We'd love to hear about yours!

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