Merry Christmas, and...shipping delays?

Lets start with some thing fun! I got the best Christmas card from a MADSEN riding family. I asked Ernie if I could share his Christmas photo, thanks Ernie for the great Christmas card!

Now something not so fun, we received shipping confirmation for the new 2014 MADSEN. The best possible landing date at our warehouse will not be sooner than 1/3/14. With possible custom inspection delays and other unseen delays most likely it will be after 1/3/14. We are so sorry no new 2014 under your Christmas tree this year. Thanks for your understanding and patience. We will get all the pre-orders shipped as quickly as we can.

The silver lining; the pre-order discount will stay live until we receive our shipment. If you haven't already placed a pre-order you still have time and can take advantage of this huge savings.


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