Merry Christmas, and...shipping delays? Reading 2014 BIKES ARE HERE AND ARE BEING ASSEMBLED TO SHIP SOON 1 minute Next MADSEN Bike in Boston Globe!!

We have the 2014 bikes in our warehouse and can't wait for you to receive yours!!  They are awesome!!!  All preorders are currently being assembled and will be shipped soon.  Jared Madsen is busily working to get your bike delivered to your doorstep.  We appreciate your patience, as we are a small company and handle all orders in-house.  Jared is hoping to ship all preordered bikes by the end of January and will ensure that each bike is assembled with the quality you expect and deserve! 

UPDATE:  Soft-top RAINCOVERS are still being perfected at the sewing factory and will be here soon.  We will keep you updated on the progress. If you ordered a SOFT-TOP with your bike, we will ship your bike without any extra delay, and will ship your SOFT-TOP just as soon as they arrive.  Meanwhile, ORDER YOUR RAINCOVER today!  You will love it for your bike and we are really excited to finally have them available to ALL MADSEN BIKE OWNERS.   

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