Meet WILL : Disability Awareness Month 2022

Meet WILL : Disability Awareness Month 2022

MEET endearing and surprising WILL 😍📚🚲

“This is Will! Defying the odds, Will has grown to a sturdy 6 years old and this little one brings his fare share of excitement 😅. There is never a dull moment with Will. He is pleasant, endearing, and full of wished for surprises. Three of his favorite things are people, books and rides in The Madsen bike 🙌🏼. We absolutely L😍VE this bike because in addition to more freedom, it combines the three things that Will loves so much into one package. This bike allows me to take Will and loved ones to enjoy the outdoors for so many miles! We bike to music class, athletic practices, go on exploratory field trips, run various errands including “carpool pick ups” and the local library. It’s been a game changer! Will has inspired the best changes for a more enriching life. The perfect recipe for a great time is one bluetooth speaker, your favorite tunes, your favorite peeps and “THE Madsen Bike.” #sitbyme #willlovesdeeper” @team.bies, Will’s super mom! 🌟


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