Celebrate Disability Awareness 2022 + Spotlights & Halloween Bikes

Celebrate Disability Awareness 2022 + Spotlights & Halloween Bikes

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Hi there,

It's October - and we cannot believe it! There is so much happening at MADSEN this month; we hope you will follow along.

October is Disability Awareness Month! We have exciting things planned to celebrate the AMAZING people within our community who have disabilities. Enter the EPIC GIVEAWAY (YES! We are doing this one again!), plus highlights of incredible kids who have unique abilities - on InstagramFacebookTwitter and our BLOG. Join us in celebrating all month long!

As part of our month-long celebration, we are offering $250 off any bucket bike - with code CELEBRATE. Don't miss this chance to save on a bucket bike for your family! Shipping is also FREE in the continental U.S.

October also brings our FAVORITE holiday - HALLOWEEN - and your epic Halloween bikes! This is when the exceptional creativity of our community SHINES. Be sure to enter your bike into the contest, where the winner will receive the MADSEN TRAVELING TROPHY - with their name engraved on it. See 2021 WINNERS and check out the highlight "Halloween" on Instagram for Halloween bike ideas. You'll be inspired! Start planning, and stay tuned on how to enter. Our monthly newsletter will be out soon...

Thank you for being here!

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