Meet Madison

Meet Madison

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“Madison is our beautiful 21 year old daughter. She was born prematurely and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was 15 months old. Despite that fact that Madison has both physical and developmental disabilities, she is an extremely happy young lady who enjoys the simple things in life and just wants to be loved. While Madison loves listening to her music, watching Barney the Dinosaur and swimming, spending time with family is most important to Madison and makes her the happiest. She just lights up when we tell her we are going for a bike ride. She smiles from ear-to-ear when she is sitting in the back of our Madsen bike. Because of our bike, we can now enjoy bike rides as a family.

Simply put, Madison is the sunshine of our lives. She reminds us on a daily basis that health, happiness, and love are the most important things in life. We are very blessed!” — Andrea D’Andrea


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