Meet EDEN:

Meet EDEN:

MEET sweet + sassy EDEN 💓:

“Eden is 13 years old and every bit of sassy and sweet. She LOVES school and her favorite thing to do is “homework” (she even took some with her on our second Madsen outing). Eden was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome and bilateral hearing loss. We were told she may never walk or talk, but oh does she talk (she doesn’t stop!). Kids with Dandy Walker are missing part or all of their cerebellum which controls balance and coordination, so riding a traditional bike was a huge challenge. We were so excited to join the Madsen community and give her accessibility to riding and to make family bike rides a possibility. She now loves biking and recently got a bike she can peddle short distances on her own (yay for independence!)" - Stephanie Carroll, #rockstarmom 🙏 #familybikerides



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