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"In the spring of 2020, I REALLY wanted a Madsen bike to tote three of my eight little ones down our country road, but I didn’t get one.

Fast forward a few months and our eighth baby, Agnes, was born with Spina bifida and a rare disorder called LUMBAR syndrome. A cancer diagnosis for me when she was two months old led us to say “yes” to the bike.

It may seem silly to some, but a key part in my recovery and future prevention is daily exercise, and I want to do that with my kids. I also want Agnes to be able to experience the joy of riding bikes together as a family.

We were told she may never walk. But they also told us, her spinal cord would likely never be de-tethered. And it was, after an eight hour surgery at four months old.

She is making great strides, and each new day she fights odds and shows us just what a miracle she is.

Until she walks, we will be staying well and enjoying life in our Madsen!" — Britt Fisk (@bellroadbeef), #rockstarmom #cancerfighter 💓💓💓💓


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