MADSEN Soft Top - Charcoal

9 reviews

MADSEN Soft Top - Charcoal


9 reviews
Can it get any better for your precious cargo? This stylish, quality custom-made top is always ready to go! Easy up and easy down. Down and out of the way - or back up - in 5 seconds. This is a must-have if you want to ride year-round or in any questionable weather!  In warmer weather the front and rear windows zip open and tuck away, allowing lots of fresh air in while keeping the sun out. 
FITS ALL YEARS AND ALL MODELS OF BUCKET BIKE. If you order a soft top with your new bike purchase, we will take care of the necessary preparation to install it.  If you are ordering a soft top for a MADSEN bike you already own, you will need to make 2 small holes in your bucket and use a 8mm wrench and a 4mm hex head wrench. First install takes about 5-10 minutes . After that, you can remove the soft top without tools ... or just always leave it on.
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Jamesina S.
United States United States
It's great!

The soft top is well made and works perfectly. I only wish it had a screen in the openings.

Daniel H.
Takes a little practice, but great if you want to keep riding in bad weather!

I initially found this frustrating to install. There is a video and everything but after about 45 minutes things were cool. It takes a little practice to open and close, and then you have a "convertible" bicycle. I think nowadays I can get the top up/down in under a minute. The kids love it. So far I've only rolled with the windows rolled open, to facilitate conversation with the kids. This keeps them dry enough. A minor change I would suggest is to have pulls on both sides of the zippers, like a tent. Right now, the windows can only be unzipped from the outside. But, as I said, we have so far rolled with open windows. I suspect that an added benefit is that in the down position, the kids have a more comfortable ledge to rest their arms. OH ... if you want to ride in bad weather ... we get cold rain in Northern California ... I suggest you get: 1) A cold weather cycling cap that fits under your helmet. Mine has a visor which helps with sun and rain, and ear flaps that can fold down and make all the difference on a cold day. Check out: https://www.bicycling.com/bikes-gear/a25185909/winter-hats/ 2) RAIN PANTS! They're weatherproof pants you pull on over your regular pants. I got a pair for under $20 on Amazon. Getting to the office or back home on a rainy day and having dry pants at the end is the greatest thing ever!!!

Madsen Cycles

Thanks, Danny! We love your additional wet weather suggestions. And, thank you for pointing out that while it may be initially frustrating to get the soft top seated perfectly, but once it is set and with a little practice you are now able to get it up and down in less than a minute. Thanks!

Jessica C.
United States
Madsen Soft Top

Love the soft top! It keeps my kids warm on cooler days and I am happy I will have it for their sun protection in the summer! I made the mistake of not buying the soft top when I purchased the bike, the day it arrived, I regretted not having it! It started drizzling outside while on our ride and it would have made for a more enjoyable ride home for my kids! Highly recommend!

Madsen Cycles

Thank you so much for the review, Jessica! So glad you got the soft top. It's so useful for sun or rain.

Jon B.
United States
Great addition!

Having the soft top cover makes winter riding SO much better!

Madsen Cycles

Hi Jon! Thank you so much for the positive review - we really appreciate it. So happy to hear the soft top is working well for you and Amelia in these cold winter months, and keeping you out riding! :)

Perfect for daily use in all weather

I ride my Madsen daily to work, and along the way take a Kindergartner to school and a toddler to daycare. On the weekends, we like to ride downtown to our favorite donut shop. This soft top makes every difference for our daily commute! We can still use the bike, even if it's cold or windy or raining, and the kids are perfectly happy inside the bucket. We live in a part of Appalachia where the overcast days outweigh the clear days, but I no longer have to worry about weather changes impacting my kids or the things I need to carry on the commute.