The Benefits of Children Cycling, Part 2

The Benefits of Children Cycling, Part 2

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As a top cargo bike company, we at Madsen Cycles are always looking for ways to introduce children to the joys of cycling. Our family bike options offer many ways to get kids involved, even before they’re necessarily old enough to ride a bike themselves – and this will often lead to them being more interested in riding on their own once they can.

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the benefits of cycling for children. The list is so long, though, that we had to extend it here – here are a few more major positives behind riding a bike for children.


For many busy parents, a child learning to ride a bike consistently becomes a time-saver. Instead of having to drive your child that short distance to a friend’s house or to an after-school program, they can bike there on their own if the location is close enough. This also helps them get more exercise and stay active, an excellent tangential benefit.

Benefits for Brain Development

Did you realize that there’s a specific link between cycling at a young age and positive brain health? One study in particular found that cycling increases blood flow to the brain by up to 70 percent – many of the areas of the brain remained elevated by up to 40 percent even once the cycling was finished. In addition, research has shown that kids who ride their bikes to school have higher levels of alertness than those who are driven in cars.

Improves Spatial Awareness and Navigation

Cycling offers several challenges to the developing brain, including dodging obstacles and learning how to change directions at high rates of speed. These kinds of things often improve spatial awareness and body control for your child, and the navigational nature of biking can also help in this area of development.

For more on why cycling is an excellent outlet for kinds, or to learn about any of our bucket bike options, speak to the staff at Madsen Cycles today.