Our congratulations to Matthew, this week's winner of a MADSEN!

Congratulations to Phillip, this week's bike winner! Reading Our congratulations to Matthew, this week's winner of a MADSEN! 2 minutes Next Another successful year at Interbike!
Matthew, lives in Portland OR and fancies showing up for a stodgy business meeting with one suit leg pulled up and a helmet under his arm. He currently hauls his two kids to school with a bike trailer and is pretty excited about upgrading to a MADSEN. He has a passion for biking, and even met part of the MADSEN team at Interbike (see our Twitter feed for some photos from that show).


Matthew is our next-to-the-last winner of a MADSEN. It's been a ridiculously fun ride, but next week will be our final drawing. This drawing will be made from the top 100 sources of traffic to our site over the last couple months.

We're extremely grateful to all of you for "joining the movement" with us. We wish we could have awarded a bike to all you crazy passionate followers. Your support and interest is what keeps us going. We look forward to bringing you exciting developments here on the blog, our Twitter feed, and our email list. Thanks again everyone for playing along. Stay tuned for next week's drawing.

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