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Last year, we signed up several great dealers and hope to continue in 2009. Our dealer network is still quite thin. In 2008 we shipped a lot of bicycles out to customers who did not have a local MADSEN Cycles dealer. MADSEN Cycles would arrange for the assembly and tune-up through a non-MADSEN Cycles dealer. For the most part this system worked fine, with a few exceptions. Not all of the shops we sent bikes to were really happy to assemble a “cargo bike”. Because they were not a MADSEN Cycles dealer, they were not familiar with the bike and the bike was not always properly assembled. A few of the shops (non-cargo bike shops) were quite critical and vocal to the customers about their new cargo bike purchases. This month we launched a new option for customers that don’t have a MADSEN Cycles dealer in their neighborhood. We have been shipping fully assembled and tuned bicycles right to our customer’s front door! (The big shipping box makes a cool fort for the kids.) This white gloved service is now available anywhere in the Continental U.S. Learn more about it on .

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