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Here at the MADSEN workshop, our gears have been turning nonstop. And we’re finally ready to show you the results of all our dreaming, tinkering, and building: The new 2011 MADSEN cargo bike

To create our latest fleet of urban beauties, we’ve put our ears to the ground and listened hard to the people who’re out there on the road, riding our bikes every day. People like you. We’ve heard them profess their love for all things MADSEN—swearing they’ll trade their first-born child for a MADSEN, things like that—and yes, this pleases us. But we’ve also been truly inspired by our many customer-tinkerers, who can’t help but ask: What if? 

Here’s what you’ve been dreaming about, and how we’ve granted your wishes:

"Could the ride be cushier?"

Why, yes! It can. We’ve created a more upright riding position that’s easy on your neck, shoulders, and back. And our totally re-designed saddle gives your delicate tush a lot more cush.

“What if I want to load in just a few more massive, ridiculously unwieldy pieces of cargo?”

No problem! The new 2011 MADSENs are built tougher than ever with a stronger, more durable steel frame that rides smooth and steady, even when you’re carpooling four rowdy kids to the soccer field.

“Um, my grocery store is at the top of a giant, lung-bursting hill.”

Even the strongest legs need a little help when the going gets tough—and vertical. That’s why we spec’ed our new MADSENs with an upgraded crank and dialed-in gear ratio. So you get more power for pounding up the steep stuff. 

And here are a few of our own middle-of-the-night strokes of genius; things we just had to bring to life:

“What if the bike automatically locked to itself?”

Yeah, that would be cool! So we took a page from the Euros and came up with this built-in front lock, which allows you to secure your MADSEN in mere seconds.

“Cars have parking brakes. So do strollers. Why not our MADSEN?”

This simple little feature adds so much stability to your MADSEN. With the addition of a super-easy-to-use parking brake, your MADSEN won’t roll forward until you’re good and ready.

“Are we SURE it’ll stop on a dime, anywhere, anytime?”

We’ll, we’ve absolutely got to be sure. People are loading up their kids in these things, after all. That’s why, this time around, we’ve made our 166 mm disc brake easier to adjust and dial in. So you’ve got the stopping power you need. And your precious cargo is always safe.

We hope you enjoy riding our new MADSENs as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. Now, shut down your computer and let’s roll!

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