Meet WELLES☺️:

Meet WELLES☺️:

“The pure happiness of our boy who happens to have Down syndrome  is something I can’t keep to myself and enjoy sharing. 💛 It’s also the most beautiful form of humanity to watch, in my opinion. 

He adores his daddy, smothers his sister, is inseparable from little brother and melts his momma! 

Welles loves nothing more than music (every type but especially rap right now 😆), family cuddles and tickles, all things with wheels and watching “ootball” (football) with daddy while cheering at the TV. 

If anyone is sad, he’s the first person to wipe away the tears and give tender kisses to while saying “you okay” over and over. If anyone is happy, he’s right there side by side celebrating with them. If anyone is laughing, he’s joining in whether he knows what’s going on or not. 

Welles is perfectly who he was meant to be and we just count our lucky stars that he fell into our family! “ Oakley Peterson, @nothingdownaboutit 💓💓

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