Meet TYLER : Disability Awareness Month 2022

Meet TYLER : Disability Awareness Month 2022

MEET practically perfect TYLER ❤️

Tyler’s mom reached out to us in 2014, when Tyler was 10. He was transitioning to a wheelchair due to the debilitating effects of the disorder that he would live the rest of his beautiful life with, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Tyler’s parents were looking for options for Tyler to still be able to join in family bike rides. Tyler’s dad brought him into the shop to see if a MADSEN would work for his son. We have a photo (swipe) of Tyler in the bucket 😍😍 that day.

I reached out a couple of weeks ago to Tyler’s dad to see if we could highlight Tyler this month for our Disability Awareness Month celebration. He replied that Tyler’s health was declining 💔, and sent a photo. I learned a couple of days ago that sweet Tyler left this earth, and is on to his next adventure—hopefully running or riding a bike🤍. Our hearts go out to Tyler’s amazing parents and all of his family at this time! We’re so grateful Tyler was part of the MADSEN community. What a sweet boy, and what an incredible tribute to his life:

Tyler James Williamsen

2005 ~ 2022

“Our precious boy, "practically perfect in every way," Tyler James Williamsen, drew his final breath on Sunday evening, October 9th, 2022. Tyler was the first born son of Travis James and Brooke Jean Hirschi Williamsen, and entered this world on March 2nd, 2005. He captivated us with his big brown eyes and charmed us with his charismatic smile. Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at three years old, Tyler enlarged greater in spirit with every inch that his body declined. He taught us more about life and love, living every moment with relish, even while enduring difficulty and pain. He smiled at his family and friends, "Mimi" (Mom) and "Diddy" (Dad), but mainly smiled at life, even making us laugh and/or shrink with embarrassment when he swore in church (Tyler, you knew what you were doing, as you flashed that cheeky grin!). We watched him walk, then wither... slowly... a wheelchair, then a bed... but always a winsome smile…”

Continue reading obituary here.

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