Meet PETER : Disability Month Awareness 2022

Meet PETER : Disability Month Awareness 2022

MEET friendly and active PETER 🚲🎿❤️

Hi, my name is Peter! I am 6 years old and have Angelman Syndrome.
Here are some things to know about me:

▪️I love to explore
▪️I love to smile and laugh
▪️I need a lot of repetition to learn
▪️I am motivated by social connections
▪️I need sensory input. I get this through “mouthing”
▪️I’m learning to communicate with my iPad, but still find it difficult
▪️I love hugging, but I am still learning how to hug without pulling hair
▪️I like to move. I love when I get to go for a walk with my walker, to the park, swimming, biking, sit-skiing and horseback riding
▪️My brain has a hard time processing two things at once. Please tell me first and then show me. I can’t do both at the same time

“Our vision for Peter next year is for him to continue to learn in a supportive environment that focuses on his strength” —Christophe Voegeli, Peter’s superstar dad ❤️


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