Meet MAX : Disability Awareness Month 2022

Meet MAX : Disability Awareness Month 2022

MEET genuine + clever MAX 🧩🛠

“Max is the most genuine 6 year old I’ve ever known. He was diagnosed with autism at 18 months, although that has not stopped him from living an amazing and fulfilling life. In fact I believe he and those around him are better for it. I love the way his brain works! Max can do anything he wants to do (key word *wants*)! He fixes things, solves puzzles I could never solve, and loves fiercely.
We have always worried about his safety due to him not understanding danger. Max has always loved bikes, in fact he used to call his bike a “fugusaka”. After about 4 months of trying to figure out what he was saying it dawned on me…… he was saying MOTORCYCLE! 🤦🏻‍♀️ of course right? We have been worried he would get hurt riding his bike outside, or in Max fashion run away on his bike. In comes our Madsen bike…. Life changing! Now we can safely take him on rides and get him out of the house every day. It’s his favorite way to get to and from school. Most of all he loves to go to the store to get a soda.

I could write a book about Max and all the amazing things about him 🤣🤩” @mckennaanglesey, Max’s wonderful mom! McKenna was WINNER of the disability awareness giveaway last year and has loved her bike!!! 💙💙💙. We’re so happy to have the Anglesey’s in the #madsencommunity


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