Meet KYLE:

Meet KYLE:

MEET KYLE, the warrior 🌟🙌🏼:

“Hello Everyone! I’m excited to introduce you to my son Kyle! Kyle is my warrior child, one of my best friends! We spend a lot of time together! I’m continually amazed at how God uses Kyle’s story and life to draw others to himself!
Kyle is 23 years old. He was born with a rare condition called Trisomy 22. He was a first in our local children’s hospital with this condition and many doctors didn’t know anything about it. Kyle also has a heart condition called
Tetralogy of Fallot, he’s non verbal, doesn’t walk, wears a pamper and has a feeding tube. He is only 65 lbs.

We spent some time with Kyle’s NICU doctor after he was several years old. She then told us she had only expected Kyle to live 24-48 hours when he was life flighted there. Kyle was born with an in-perforated anus which took serval surgeries to correct. He had 2 open heart surgeries and several other surgeries in his first 3 years. We are so thankful Kyle survived all of this even though his doctors were skeptical of it. Last year Kyle was diagnosed with right heart failure. It was neat to hear the doctor say he was never expected to leave the NICU alive and he’s still here 23 years later so we have no idea how long this heart will last him. He’s a miracle through and through and we believe God is still writing an amazing story.

Adding the Madsen bike to the story this year has been so exciting. It was a surprise given to us by friends and family! We are so excited to see where God will take us with this amazing bucket bike!
As you can see Kyle also loves to swim and he loves to go on drives in the car.
We know Kyle needs a miracle and continue to pray for that. In the mean time as his mother I want to treasure each day with him, love each day with a spirit of adventure and I’m believing the best is yet to come!!
And We are very excited that it now includes being part of the Madsen family!!” @luckymommasue #rockstarmom 🥇💛



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