Meet JUDE:

Meet JUDE:

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MEET loving + happy JUDE 💫:

“Jude is a loving and happy 5-year-old boy who happens to have Down syndrome and autism.
Last year we purchased a Madsen bike during disability awareness month, and it has been such a blessing. Jude has very low muscle tone and doing things like riding a bike by himself are still a ways away, so we are so thankful for the ability to have this independence. He loves the excitement of being on the bike with his 7-year-old brother riding nearby or sometimes even in the bucket with him.
Additionally, last year during the pandemic, there were so many things closed that Jude would normally do, so being able to get out of the house and ride bikes together as a family was such a relief.
We are so happy to be part of the Madsen family!” @nicolejustine, Jude’s rockstar mom ⭐️


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