“Like every new parent, I had so many expectations for myself and my parent journey. And I had hopes for my kids, and that didn’t change when I received our Down Syndrome diagnosis. When I started out advocating for inclusion I thought I knew what it looked like, what I wanted for my son, how he should be received and treated in the world. I felt like I needed to be an expert on access and disability awareness. Now, over a decade in to our journey with #jojobadger I realize that inclusion is just belonging. It’s the fundamental right for every human being to belong, in whatever way is meaningful for them. Disability awareness for our family is simply whatever it takes to offer what he needs, wants, deserves to go after in this world. It’s as simple as having the right equipment to include him, like our @madsencycles, and showing up for him to champion the world he wants to belong to. Inclusion is about all of us, working together…to be a little bit better.” - Becca Badger, Jojo's championing mom ♥️

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