MAY MADSEN Contest-of-the-Month

May Contest-of-the-Month :  FUNNIEST BIKE MEMORY


Winner is Miranda Sanders (@msandy07), who chose fashion above safety 😂:

"I was about 7. I was riding my bike around my neighborhood and I was wearing those block flip flops with the HUGE sole #fashion. I have no idea how this happened, but somehow while I was biking, my foot got stuck in the back tire of my bike. I totally biffed it on my neighbors lawn (luckily I landed in the grass) but my foot was completely stuck and my bike was on top of me. I struggled to get out but couldn’t so I just laid there screaming “HELP!!” until someone found me and told my parents and my dad came and had to cut the metal on the wheel with pliers to free my foot. I was fine, but it was so embarrassing😂"

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