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A brightly colored bike with a huge plastic bucket and a bunch of kids in the back popped up in my Instagram feed once and I was instantly obsessed. How fun! How cool! How practical! A little research and my next thought was "how expensive!" At nearly $2k, the Madsen kg271/BUCKET bike definitely did not qualify as an impulse buy. But I couldn't stop thinking about how this awesome and adorable bike could possibly change our family's life.

Fast forward 12 months and countless hours spent reading reviews, scrolling images, and debating the color options, and we finally went for it. It's an investment, for sure, but the bike arrived on our doorstep earlier this month and I can already say it's one of the best purchases we've ever made for our family.

Within minutes of opening the giant box (the bike comes ready to ride; all you have to do it put on the front wheel and adjust the seat!), we strapped the kids in the back and went for a spin around the neighborhood. Huge smiles and laughter ensued. The next day we packed sandwiches and drinks, invited our cousins over, and rode to the park with four kids in the back. On Sunday morning we threw on helmets and headed downtown to get bagels. The next weekend we biked 15 minutes to an Easter egg hunt that we would have absolutely otherwise driven to. On Tuesday I dropped the kids off at preschool before getting in a workout on my uphill ride back home.

You get the picture: It's only been two weeks and even with a lot of rainy days we've already used — and enjoyed — our Madsen SO MUCH. Need more convincing? Check out 13 more reasons I am completely obsessed with this bike.


LOVE our MADSEN Cycles Community! Thanks for such great reviews!

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