MADSEN 2010 Link Contest Winner Announcement

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MADSEN 2010 Link Contest Winner Announcement

You're going to like this story. You're going to be sad that you didn't win, but you're going to like this story. 

First - let me tell you that when we do these drawings, they are 100% random. We take every site who links to us during the period of the contest, we put them all on equal footing (each link is one entry into the drawing), and we randomly select one winner. And whomever it is - is the winner, period. We don't sift through and find the one who likes us the most, or whom we like the most - only the random number generator determines the winner. 

Which makes the story of today's winner a little extra special.

Today's winner is Leah Stone. When we drew her name, I pulled up her blog and was immediately struck her blog header talking about "a Bicycle Made for Two." I thought - oh cool, a bike lover won the bike. 

But the story gets better. You see - Leah wants a bicycle made for two, but not just any bicycle, and not just any two. She has a very special friend. 

I'll let her tell the story:

I have never won a contest before so I feel like all the stars have aligned, the heavens have opened, and today is my day. I have been dreaming of owning a cargo bike since I went to Berlin, Germany this past summer.  I saw cargo bikes everywhere and would make my group stop every time I saw one so I could take a photo of it.  I have wanted a cargo bike so badly and was so determined that I was going to rig a wheelbarrow to the front of my bike if necessary.  

Then I saw the Link-Back Madsen Bike contest and my heart fluttered a bit when I saw the picture of the girl with the basket and the lab in the cargo bucket because I thought "Hey that could totally be me." The reason is that I have seizures.  Luckily, I have a service dog for my seizures and he goes with me everywhere.  His name is Charlie.  He is a slightly pudgy min-pin who can give me a 5 min warming before I have a seizure. Anyways, I have wanted to take him on my bike with me when I go to the store or on a ride,  but he is too big for a basket on the front. I even bought one of those kid bike trailers to stick Charlie in, but it totally didn't work as he felt trapped and was tossed around a bit.  This bike is going to rock mine and Charlie's world.  I can now be oh so green.  I can finally take Charlie and my bike to the grocery store.  I can even put my other dog in the back too. 

Thank you Madsen Bikes for making my whole year.  Having seizures is a bit of a bum deal, but the fact that I get to ride my awesome bike with my service dog really helps to make it better. 

I can not wait for the package to arrive. Merry Christmas to me and to Charlie!

Merry Christmas indeed, Leah. We're really excited for you and Charlie. 

For those interested, Leah tells the story of when she started having seizures here.

Here's some more information on the amazing Charlie.

And to end, we share a photo of Leah trying to find a way to combine a bike and Charlie. 

It didn't work.

But that's about to change.

Big time.


p.s. for those of you who didn't win - stay tuned, we're working on something special for Black Friday.

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