Debunking Cycling Myths, Part 1

Debunking Cycling Myths, Part 1

At Madsen Cycles, we’re proud to be top providers of cargo bikes and the best family bicycle options on the market. Many of our clients have credited us directly with helping grow their children’s interest in cycling once they get old enough ride their own bikes, and we’re proud of this.

Unfortunately, we also hear a number of fairly silly misconceptions from parents who worry about their children getting involved. In this two-part blog, we’ll lay out some of the primary myths that are out there when it comes to bikes, both with regard to children and others.

Too Expensive

Probably the most common myth out there when it comes to bicycles in general is their expense. While it’s true that many bikes can be expensive, that doesn’t mean that all are – you won’t have to take out a second mortgage, for instance. There are plenty of starter options and lower-priced choices out there for people just looking to get into cycling moderately.

It’s Too Dangerous

Another one we regularly hear? “Cycling is too dangerous, I don’t want my child to get hurt.”

This is a huge myth. Cycling comes with a few minor inherent risks, just as any sport or activity does, but there are numerous ways to minimize these risks: Wearing a helmet and proper safety gear, using proper lights when cycling at night, and practicing skills on easy terrain.

Gender-Specific Bikes Are Required

This isn’t how most bikes work. Rather, you have to be sized before buying a new bike, and once you have this measurement, you’re set. Bikes are simply classified by size, features and color – if you’re a woman looking to get into it, you don’t have to worry about a hugely limited selection. Everything is available to both genders.

Promotes Bone Density

On the flip side, there are a couple cycling myths where people actually overstate its value. One of these is in promotion of bone density – cycling is fantastic for improving several physical areas, including muscles, but because it’s not a weight-bearing activity, it doesn’t actually improve bone density. If you’re looking to add this to your exercise program that includes cycling, consider adding weight training.

Leg-Shaving Myths

Some people think shaving the legs is only for professional riders – we say nonsense. If speed and aerodynamic features are important to you, you can absolutely shave your legs and see the effect it has on increasing your speed.

For more on myths surrounding cycling, or to learn about any of our family bike or bike trailer options, speak to the pros at Madsen Cycles today.

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