And the first winner is...

Today's the big day! Reading And the first winner is... 1 minute Next Not yet! Hang in there...

First, let us say that the enthusiastic participation has been humbling and exciting for us, and all the positive feedback about our bike, and interest from all of you has been amazing.

For our first giveaway of the two, we're selecting one person from the top 20 sites who sent us the most traffic. 

The top 20 sites who sent us the most traffic were:

With all the top 20 in the hat, we used the trusty to select the winner and you can see the result below:


Congratulations Stephanie of! You're the lucky winner of a MADSEN Cycle. We'll be in contact with you shortly to arrange delivery.


Stay tuned for the final drawing, we appreciate your patience as we take the time to make sure every link, tweet, twitter follower and email newsletter subscriber is eligible to win. 

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