2 MADSEN Owners Featured in Good Housekeeping’s Life Section: “Meet the Families Saying No to Cars”

2 MADSEN Owners Featured in Good Housekeeping’s Life Section: “Meet the Families Saying No to Cars”

Patty Lin in Brooklyn NY, and Heather Moore-Farley in Oakland CA, both own MADSEN bikes. Patty is a single mom and does not own a car. The MADSEN is her sole way of commuting, running errands and taking her son to school. Heather owns several bikes and loves cycling. She and her husband share a car and use it occasionally, but mostly have made cycling an everyday part of life for their whole family.

“My e-bike saves me time, money and stress.”

"...So I ordered a cargo e-bike. I could barely afford the bike on credit — it cost about $4,000 — but I knew it was going to be an important investment. It was. Once I got used to riding it, it was such a game-changer, with how efficient it is, how confident I feel on it and how easy it is to park. Now I can see a bookkeeping client, pick up my son from his nanny-share and get groceries all in one run, and I don’t have to deal with the traffic or parking. Also, I’m very interested in the arts, and the bike makes it easy for me to attend arts and cultural events around the city.

My son likes it, too. He’s just happier and less needy when he’s out. I’m the only provider and caretaker for him, and during the early days of the pandemic, when we were all home, biking became a great escape for us.

I do get a lot of comments like, “Wow, your bicycle is so big.” And I’m like, “It’s smaller than a car.”

Patty Lin lives in Brooklyn with her father and 5-year-old son Deren.

"Heather Moore-Farley was pregnant with her third child when the family’s car died on route home from vacation. Her husband’s office was walkable from home, as was a Zipcar share. So to help save both money and the environment, the family decided to see how long they could go without a car. Two days before they welcomed their youngest child, “we ordered a cargo bike and just kept going,” said Moore-Farley, who lives in Oakland. That was 10 years ago. They still haven’t replaced the family car."

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