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Well...bad news for us...good news for MADSEN shoppers!  We have a handful of fresh scratch & dents available.  In the photo at right the offending mark is visible on the bottom tube just above the kickstand.  But we don't want you riding around town with this "shipping tattoo", so we jumped into our super paint booth and came up with a nice band to go right over the mark (photo below).  Besides, when the bucket is on there you can hardly even see it.  And NOW you can go riding around town and won't have to make up some story about where the mark came from.

And, to really sweeten the deal we're taking off $200 from the retail price.  Yeah...read that sentence again.  Here's a list of what bikes we have in the scratch & dent department:

6 Blue Bucket Bikes
5 Creme Bucket Bikes
5 Black Bucket Bikes

Give us a call at (801) 983-5511 or email us info@madsencycles.com and take advantage of the "scratch & dent" deal!  This deal lasts until the bikes are gone.  Don't say we didn't warn you.

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