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This is a sticker found inside the Bucket On a MADSEN. While loaded the MADSEN can be extremely unstable if not properly loaded. Before you load your MADSEN up with kids or stuff take a moment and preplan the best way to load up. Always place the heavy part of your load forward. If you have two small kids have then share the front seat. If you are giving a ride to one BIG kid and one small kid if they share the seat the load will be side heavy. Have the BIG kid sit on the front seat right in the middle and the small kid sit in the rear seat right in the middle. A MADSEN can take a lot of weight about 600lbs  (the rider + bike + load). But you will have the most stable ride if the load dues not exceed the weight of the rider. Make sure you are comfortable riding the MADSEN with no load before you load it up. Take a few test rides before you throw your kids in. The MADSEN is designed to take cargo by following these small steps your ride will be a little safer, stable and more fun to ride (if more fun is possible).

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