Not just quality of life, an entirely different kind of life

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We found this story pretty inspiring and thought you might too. Jesse is a school teacher, and dad who uses his MADSEN like few others. He rides it to work (school) every day, carries his children home from school with it every day and shops at Costco and Home Depot with it.

Jesse never liked driving a car. It made him feel stressed out, impatient and bored — just trying to get there and being obstructed by all the other motorists just trying to get there. He’s discovered that biking to work not only increases his enjoyment of the journey, it actually saves him time!

“No matter what, I never got out of the house in less than an hour,” he says of when he used to drive to work. Then he had to sit in traffic in his car. Now he gets up, makes coffee, loads the bike, fills the travel mug and is out the door in 15 minutes. It takes him 25 minutes to get to work and 15 minutes to shower, shave and change. So, “in less time than it used to take me to get out the door, I’ve had my coffee, a good workout, a shower and I’m at work and feeling great!”

He’s getting quality time with his daughters from the moment he gets off work and he has the freedom and satisfaction of not being dependent on a car with all its associated stresses. That is a different kind of life.

Read the whole inspiring story here.

Thanks Jess and Angie! You remind us why we created the MADSEN.

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