Meet TOMMY: Disability Awareness Month 2022

Meet TOMMY: Disability Awareness Month 2022

MEET silly + incredibly smart TOMMY ❤️🧩

"He is loving, affectionate, silly and incredibly smart. He can read, name all letters, and memorize better than anyone I know. And while those things come easily to Tommy, other things do not. He cannot yet answer questions, tell me how he’s feeling, or pedal a bike.
THIS is accessibility; a bike that allows him to participate in an activity just the same as his siblings. But it’s so much more than a bike. It is a safe place, a toy/iPad/snack holder, a sensory input giver, and a quick method of transport home when the level of overwhelm is too much. As you can imagine, Tommy loves riding in the bucket.
The world isn’t made for Tommy and others with autism, but Madsen is." - Ashley Rivet, Tommy’s amazing mama - owner of 🎂❤️

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