Jared Madsen is the maker of the MADSEN bucket bike, and co-owner at MADSEN Cycles (though he prefers his job title as “Master Mechanic”, and when asked by people what he does for a living, will often reply “I’m a Bicycle Mechanic”).

Jared has dyslexia + ADHD, both of which were diagnosed at a young age. As a child, Jared’s unique mind was not a fit with the “typical” way of learning, which was the focus of the public school system. He REALLY struggled in elementary school at a time when educators did not understand the dyslexic mind. His difficulty forced him to think outside the box every day in order to just survive school. Despite the intense shame he experienced as a result of feeling like a “dumb” kid (and that unfortunately other intelligent kids like Jared still feel every day), Jared believes that his disabilities have strengthened his abilities.

Dyslexia and ADHD do not define Jared. Instead, they enhance his mechanical, creative and artistic skills.

At MADSEN Cycles, we celebrate 🎉 different abilities and divergent learners. We strive for our company culture to be one that encourages creativity, thinking outside the norm, and the idea that everyone learns differently and is brilliant in their own unique way. (We also know that correct spelling is highly overrated 😉.) This is why we LOVE to celebrate all October long for #disabilityawareness month.

We want to thank our amazing community for your support! And, thank you to those who have shared the experiences/stories of your kids with unique abilities.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Jared’s journey, check out the short film by Elements in Motion Films.



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