MADSEN launches a WEEKLY bike giveaway

Let's be honest, the last link contest we held was just a blast. So we did some pinky-twisting and Jared Madsen (our founder) consented to an idea of pure madness. We're going to run the contest again, only this time - we're going to give away a bike every week.


You read that right - we're going to give away a MADSEN bike every week. The contest rules are basically the same. You link to us from you site, Twitter account or blog - and someone clicks the link (could even be you!) and you'll be entered to win.

We'll announce a new winner each Wednesday here on the blog. To be eligible to win, you just need to link to us from your site, and have at least one person follow the link from your site to ours during the week preceding the announcement.

You can also earn an entry by following us on Twitter and/or joining our email list.

We also created a whole new juicy set of banners you can use to link, if you'd like (or you can just use a text link if you prefer, no biggie).

For all the links, banners and details, head over to our contest page.

See you back here in one week where one lucky winner's getting a new bike!

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