July Newsletter

July Newsletter

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Hey Madsen friend,

Don't Miss This Summer Ride!

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2021 Candy Apple Red Fully Loaded


  • We had such a fun community ride last weekend from the shop to the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City. Cheers to those who came out - it was so nice to meet you all in person. Let's do it again soon.
  • ANNUAL PARADE BIKE-DECORATING CONTEST on July 4th! Find inspiration here 🎈 🇺🇸
  • SOFT TOPS will finally arrive this month. If you have one on backorder, watch for it in the next few weeks. There will be YouTube instructions on how to install it.
  • All E-Bikes are on backorder until next week, when we will have a handful in stock. Order early to reserve one of these.
  • E-kits are currently on backorder. Get your order in soon, and we will ship them in order of purchase date. ETA is July 31, 2022.


  • 4th of July MADSEN Bucket Bike Contest

  • Enter Your Bike: Send your festive #july4thmadsen photos and videos to info@madsencycles.com or by Instagram DM by July 5th. If you post your bike, please tag @madsencycles and use the hashtags #july4thmadsen and #creativemadsenowners to help us find it!
  • VOTING will take place on Instagram and Facebook Stories on July 6th.

Check out some #creativemadsenowners bucket bike decor. Also see our Instagram Highlight "Parade Bike" for even more fun ideas.

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Jared's Tip of the Month
Jared Madsen shows you how to remove the rear wheel from you MADSEN bucket bike
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Have an amazing holiday weekend.
Stay safe,
Magdalene, Jason, Jared, and Lisa
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   Family Owned                         Easy to Assemble                Holds up to 600 lbs
Based in Salt Lake City      Just unpack and install the     Perfect for kids, dogs,
                                                        front wheel                      groceries, and more

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