Holiday Highlights and New Years News!

Holiday Highlights and New Years News!

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with your family + friends. We loved hearing about MADSEN holiday surprises, and receiving photos from MADSEN community members. Thank you for sharing! Below are just a few highlights, plus a shot of how magical the MADSEN Magic Shop looks during the holidays. Also, thank you to those who participated in the PARRISH FAM FAVE holiday giveaway with @gparrish. Congratulations to LUCKY WINNER @kelligilbert.



One of our favorite stories came from a rockstar grandma who surprised her daughter and grandchildren (including a grandson who has special needs) with a Fully Loaded e-MADSEN under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning:

"Once we got it into the apartment, he started getting curious, asking questions and checking it out. We positioned it under the tree, and I placed a strand of silver garland on it. 'Gramma, that’s all you have to put on it??'...I ran to the store for more supplies.  When I returned, my otherwise grinchy grandson, who has not been finding joy in the season, perked up and got to work. This purchase was not only a gift to elate my daughter, but it did the job to spark the spirit of giving in my grandson.  Watching him decorate that bike for his mom was one of the most heartwarming experiences this Christmas. 
Later that Christmas Eve, as the younger kids filed into the apartment before her, it was nearly impossible to shush the exclamations about a bike under the tree until she made her way in and saw it herself. My daughter is not a big fan of hugging, but I got 2 of the warmest best hugs ever. To see the joy on her face was worth every penny.  I know this bike will be a game changer for their family." - Marcia, from Minnesota (Marcia's daughter and grandson pictured below, on the cold Minnesota Christmas day.)


Can you guess which color was the WINNER of the season?



MADSEN Highlights from 2018

MADSEN Goals for 2019

  • Get MORE families outside making joyful memories on bucket bikes!
  • Launch new accessories, products, and a community member program in the coming months! Stay tuned...
  • Make MADSEN bike shipping fees cost-effective for our European customers. Woohoo!!


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